Benny Berggren

Ph.D. Student, Business Administration

Benny is a doctoral student in ethics and sales processes at Södertörn University, focusing on sales organizations. He teaches business ethics, sales processes, statistics and Global Marketing in Gävle.

Current research

His PhD project examine how the management of business ethics takes place within selling organizations (eg. Real estate business, car sales industry, etc.), where there tend to be a high risk of ethical dilemmas. To conceptualize and create an integrated framework, key actors main concerns and the complex social processes of ethical management are studied using classical Grounded Theory.

Latest publications

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Benny Berggren
Ph.D. Student
Faculty of Education and Business Studies
Department of Business and Economic Studies

Postal address:
University of Gävle
SE-801 76  Gävle

Visiting address:
Kungsbäcksvägen 47
House 61, Embla


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