Graduation Ceremony January 17th

Welcome to the graduation ceremony at the Faculty for Health and Occupational Studies! We invite you and your family to a final ceremony with music and speeches on the 17 of January 2020.


After the ceremony, there will be a chance to mingle outside Valhall where you can meet lecturers and students. We will provide soft drinks and snacks, that is why we would like to know if you and your family members plan to attend. Register below by using the link to the relevant form.


Registration closes january 3.

Please note that the times vary for the different programmes.

The number of participants per family may be limited due lack of space in Valhall.

The graduation Ceremony is is divided on two occasions:

Study Programme in Nursing

Date: January 17th
Time: 13.00pm -14.00pm
Place: Valhall (41:204)

Study Programme in Social Work

Date: Wednesday june 5
Time: 10.30am -11.30am
Place: Valhall (41:204)

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