Research presentation

Per Jernberg

Research presentation

Per Jernberg

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Energisystem

Per Jernberg's R&D experience as a material physicist mainly resides in long term performance and degradation of building materials. He has put particular efforts in methodology framework within CIB and RILEM and international standardization within ISO. During the years, he has also gained a broad knowledge in applying for and running research projects on the European level funded by the European Commission. Since 2002, he has not been involved in R&D due to other appointments.




Other articles (popular science, debate etc.)

Sjöström, C. & Jernberg, P. (2004). Framtidens byggnad planerad för livslängd. Bygg Info PM (4). [More information]


Jernberg, P., Lacasse, M., Haagenrud, S. & Sjöström, C. (2004). Guide and Bibliography to Service Life and Durability Research for Buildings and Components. Rotterdam: CIB. (CIB Report 295) [More information]

Conference papers

Sjöström, C., Caluwaerts, P., Jernberg, P., Haagenrud, S., Ilomäki, A. & Davies, H. (2005). Product declarations with respect to durability : A progress report. 10th DBMC International Conference on durability of building materials and components. P. 741-748. External link [More information]
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