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Co-op as a form of education presents companies with good possibilities of securing their future skill needs. The big advantage is that the companies themselves choose which students they want and are then free to organize the content of the coming work periods in a way that fits the company.
Read more about how some of our companies view Co-op as a form of education and about the companies' future recruitment needs.
Gävle Energi
"The energy business needs more young associates. In addition, we stand before a series of new challenges concerning environment, climate, improvement of energy efficiency and new business regions. The Co-op education is a good basis for attracting future associates, which is very important for us since we live in an energy intensive region with vicinity to several heavy process industries." Per Laurell, CEO Gävle Energi

" - We create a natural bond with a student which allows us to partly influence the education but above all to get to know how the individual functions socially. Co-op can be seen as a four year long job interview."Per Sundin, ÅF-Effektiv energianvändning

Gävle Energi

" - We want to get young innovative engineers to participate in finding sustainable solutions in water and wastewater engineering by participating in the development process with new technology and new environmental solutions that follow the cycle.
Gävleborg is the region with the most industries in the country with great possibilities of becoming a central point for a modern education. Since the Higher education institution interacts with the companies according to the Co-op concept, we also have bigger opportunities to keep competent students within our line of business in the future."
Mats Rostö, CEO Gästrike Vatten

Gävle Energi
" - The Co-op education gives us a possibility to influence the design and content of the education. Furthermore, we get a valuable opportunity to get to know our possible future employees during a longer period of time at the same time as we get the chance to show what an employment at Sandvik could involve.
-  The engineering profession is one of our future shortage professions. A positive aspect is having the possibility to study engineering in the immediate surroundings on an attractive study programme developed in collaboration with the industry."
Anders Gustavsson, Skills coordinator, Sandvik AB, KP 2
Published by: Zara Lindahl Page responsible: Magnus Lemoine Updated: 2018-10-16
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