Co-op - studies and work at the same time

Co-op or Cooperative Education which is the full name, is a form of education that combines studies with work periods. This implies that three years of studies (180 HE credits) will be completed in four years since you get almost a year of professional experience at the same time.

This form of education also offers the student more advantages:

  • Salary during the work periods
  • Facilitating theoretical learning
  • A good basis for the future degree project
  • An opportunity for a summer job and future employment
  • Valuable connections on the labour market
  • An insight to the labour market of your disciplinary domain

Try professional life during your programme length

When you start your study programme, you will get more information about the Co-op education and how it is organized. You apply to the workplace yourself just like you would apply for a common employment; by sending your application to an employer. The company then chooses which student/s they want to employ.
The work periods are carried out as project employments, most often with the same employer during all the Co-op periods of the study programme. Several companies also offer the possibility of summer jobs in addition to the work periods.  

More advantages for the student

By working at a company you become well prepared for the future labour market at the same time as you establish valuable connections today. Several of our Co-op companies see Co-op as a part of their long-term recruitment strategy - this is where you can get an advantage!

Published by: Zara Lindahl Page responsible: Magnus Lemoine Updated: 2018-10-16
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