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In the autumn of 2010 the Higher education institution in Gävle started a new form of work integrated education. Cooperative Education, Co-op education, implies a close cooperation between students and companies where the student combines theoretic studies with paid work periods (Co-op periods) at a company. In practice, this means that the student completes a three-year study programme in four years since the Co-op periods constitute almost a year. The study form was developed in the United States about 100 years ago and is a reliable form of learning.      

Beneficial both for the student and the company

It is an advantage for the student to join the labour market with new theoretical knowledge as well as relevant professional experience. We believe that the companies also consider it to be a good combination since the student gets the opportunity to "grow into" the company culture.

Advantages for Co-op companies

There are several advantages for companies in interacting with the Higher education institution in this work integrated education. Some advantages are:

  •        An efficient way to recruit
  •        Introduction and training during the studies
  •        The student is seen as an employee and not as a student on placement
  •        The student can contribute with new knowledge
  •        Participation in the education
  •        Degree project at the company
  •        Summer job

Engineers in Energy systems are the first to join the companies

In the autumn of 2010 the Higher education institution started a new study programme in Energy system engineering. Already at the end of the first academic year (April-June 2011) the students had their first out of four  Co-op periods at a company. They do paid work during 10 weeks since they are not entitled to student finance during the work period.

Contact at the Higher education institution

As a Co-op company, You have a contact at the Higher education institution that can help You with your thoughts and questions. Together we make sure that the students are satisfied with their education and Co-op placement. The aim is that our students will become good ambassadors for both the company and the Higher education institution.

Interested in becoming a Co-op company?

If Your company is interested in becoming a Co-op company and wants to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for both small and large companies that want to participate in the interaction within this form of education.


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Work integrated education - Co-op

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Kjell Ekström Faculty programme director for technical study programmes
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