Applied Psychology

We study specific and combined effects of different physical factors of the indoor environment on psychological mechanisms and processes. Of special interest are studies on the interactions between noise, heat and light. With methods and theories from experimental psychology we study the effects of noise, light, indoor lighting and thermal climate on cognition (attention, memory and problem solving) and self-reported affect (emotional states and activation levels).

In earlier experimental studies we uncovered the memory structure of children (as young as 13-14 years) and adults when exposed to different noise sources while performing learning and memory tasks with written material. Our current approach is focused on working memory processing while exposed to noise and we also include spoken material to be memorized.

The laboratory has two office-like climate chambers and a larger class-room for experimental studies. We also have a mobile trailer for field studies on people.


Head of the research group Applied Psychology:
Patrik Sörqvist
Phone: + 46 73 658 72 03

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