Research presentation

Göran Fransson

Göran Fransson, Professor i didaktik. Akademin för utbildning och ekonomi

Research presentation

Göran Fransson


Research subject: Curriculum studies

Göran Fransson is professor in Curriculum Studies and associate professor in Education.

Franssons research centers on learning, ICT, first-phase professional development, induction and mentoring in different professions, with a primary focus on teachers. He leads the Induction Research Group, ICT in Learning-group and the research program Digitalisation, Technologies, Media and Learning within the Strategig Research Area Innovative Learning at the University of Gävle. He i a core member of the Digital Learning Lab at Univerity of Gävle.


Making IT happen - A study of advanced use of digital technologies in Swedish upper secondary school (in co-operation with partners at Mid Sweden University and Umeå University) 2015-2018 financed by the Swedish Research Council

The use of digital technologies, for intance Virtual Reality (VR) in educational contexts.

Teacher registration, mentoring and education of mentors for NQTs, financed by the Induction Research Group at the University of Gävle

Teacher standards in international comparative perspective, financed by the Induction Research Group at the University of Gävle.



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