Distance Student

Distance studies give people the possibility of studying at the time and place that suit them best. This means, however, that you have to be structured in order to succeed. Distance studies are especially adapted for those who cannot come to the university because of geographical distance, work, family reasons etc.

Learning Center for students

Learning Center cooperates with study centres in the region, which makes it easy to establish and fill your needs as a distance student. Whether you make use of a study centre or study from home, Learning Center is always accessible as a resource for you.

As a student, you can find support and help at Learning Center when you meet with problems caused by the technology used. For example, problems with Blackboard.
There are many people you can turn to for help in order to make the time you spend studying as positive as possible. Teachers, department secretaries, technical support section, library, etc. are there to help you as a student.

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