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Blackboard is the learning management system used by the University of Gävle.

The Blackboard app cannot be used for enrolling

When you want to enroll in a new course on Blackboard, you cannot use the app Blackboard Mobile Learn. To be able to enrol, you must use a computer to access the University network.

Routine updates on Blackboard

To ensure the quality and stability of Blackboard, a routine service is scheduled for the last Thursday of every month during the night. This may involve system shutdowns. For this reason, there may be system disturbancies due to major upgrades on the following Fridays.

Regularly check your spam and junk mailbox

Be sure to check your e-mail spam and junk mailbox regularly. If you find e-mails from the University there, select and mark as "Mark as not spam / not junk mail". In this way, you will diminish the risk that future University emails end up there.


Learning Center support

Monday - Friday   09:00-12:00
Support system: support.hig.se
e-mail: learningcenter@hig.se
Telephone: 026 - 64 87 00

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