Blackboard assessment tool will be replaced during 10-14 August

The assessment tool in Blackboard will be replaced starting 10th of August. Blackboard gradually transfers all previuos comments and notes, it will be visible in the new tool as well. There will be no downtime.

During 10-14 August (week 33), the assessment tool in Blackboard is updated. The assessment tool is the interface where you can see the student's submission, leave comments and feedback. The supplier is now switching from the New Box View tool to the new tool Bb Annotate.

What will happen to my previous assessments?

Blackboard gradually transfers all assessments, which means that previous comments and notes will be visible in the new tool as well. There will be no downtime while doing this.

What are the changes?

Bb Annotate enables more ways for your teacher to provide feedback directly within your submitted documents. You will also be able to download the file with the teacher's comments included.

Who is affected by this?

As most courses are now being moved to Canvas, only a few courses will be subject to this change during assessment (for example unfinished summer courses in Blackboard, special courses that the teacher /owner has not yet moved to Canvas, special exam courses and a few courses that will remain in Blackboard during the first part of autumn term). In addition, previous Blackboard courses are affected if the teacher or student is to go in afterwards and look at already completed assessments.


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