Blackboard is a learning management system used for courses at the University of Gävle. The system is used for both campus courses and distance learning.

How to log in to Blackboard?

To log in to Blackboard, you click the blue button ”Logga in på Blackboard / Sign in to Blackboard” and then select our university on the next page before continuing. You click on the link to select from a list, click the arrow, scroll down and choose ”University of Gävle” (NOT the one that says Alumni) and click the button ”Proceed to Login”.

Structure and format

One of the advantages of Blackboard is that the basic structure is uniform for all courses. However, lecturers can change the number of buttons/menu items and the names of these if they wish to, so courses may not look exactly the same.

What the basic course structure looks like

Blackboard course menu

Learning Center support

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