The Library's environmental work

The Library engages in systematic environmental work and the University is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. Members of staff at the Library are members of the Council for sustainable development which engages in all of the University's environmental work.

The Library's interior environment


In the Library's offices, group study rooms and bathrooms, the lighting switches on automatically when you enter the rooms. The shelf lighting fixtures are connected to motion detection sensors and switch on when a visitor approaches.

Air and temperature

All rooms are specially adjusted to have a good indoor climate. Supply air, fresh outdoor air, is sent into all rooms when they are in use. Air circulation in the offices increases when someone is present and decreases when they are empty.


Public computers in the library are switched off automatically when the Library closes.

The Library's exterior environment

Sedum roof

The Library's roof is covered with sedum plants. Sedum plants belongs to the Crassulaceae family, in which we find different species of what is commonly known as stonecrop. During winter, the sedum roof keeps the snow in place; hence, the risk for snow falling from the roof is reduced.

Moreover, the roof also replaces the green area which was lost when the building was built on the campus lawn.

Technology that reduces our environmental impact

Our web meeting tools reduce the need for travelling for University staff as well as for students.

More information on the University's environmental work


If you would like to learn more about our Library's environmental work, please contact Karin Meyer Lundén.


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