Welcome to the course Perspectives on religion in cultural studies, 7,5 credits, distance / Kulturvetenskapliga perspektiv på religion

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Course information

This course is a full-time course given between weeks 41-45
Name of course

Perspectives on religion in cultural studies 7,5 credits ( Kulturvetenskapliga perspektiv på religion)

Course code


Application code

13201 Master, 13232 fristående kurs


Faculty of Education and Business

Course co-ordinator

Jari Ristiniemi

E-mail: jari.ristiniemi@hig.se

Telephone: 0046 73 4011058

Course administration

Monika Karlsson

E-mail: mks@hig.se


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About the course

Course syllabus, reading list and timetable

Course syllabus, reading list and timetable

  • Course syllabus and reading list
  • Course timetable: Seminaries through internet on the 9th of October, 23th of October and 6th of November between 10.15 am and 12 am. Those at place in Gävle are welcome to the room 32:215!
Course organisation and communication

Course organisation

The course imparts basic knowledge of the relationship between religion, culture and politics as well as theoretical skills to independently process problems in the subject area. Particular attention is given to issues of power, social mobilization, oppression, discrimination, resistance, conflicts, genocide, democracy and human rights, both globally and locally. The course also includes political religious interpretations - fundamentalist as well as liberal, religious nationalism, religiously motivated violence, liberation theologies, political religion from gender perspective. The relationship between secularization, democracy and religion is also subject to study.

The course is given as a modified distance course. This means that you as a student are capable of participation in the seminaries in real time. The participation is not mandatory and you are able to see the seminaries afterwards on www.vicom.se.


Registration for exams is not mandatory as exams happen through written essays.


The course communication will happen both through the learning platform Blackboard and through email contacts.

Course evaluation

Course evaluation

After your course has finished you will be sent a we-based course evaluation questionnaire via e-mail. Your participation in the course evaluation is very valuable to us and you comments will help improve and develop the course further. All students registered on the course will receive a report of the course evaluation with all comments compiled.

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