Newly Qualified Teachers in Northern Europe

— Research and Development Network (NQTNE)

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Reference of book is: Fransson, G. & Gustafsson, C. (Eds.) (2008): Newly Qualified Teachers in Northern Europe. Comparative Perspectives on Promoting Professional Development. Teacher Education: Research Publications no 4. Gävle: Gävle University Press.
How to order the book? Orders has to be e-mailed to with full information of the book and the adress where to deliver books and invoice. Payment is by invoice, and postage is added to the cost. All prices include VAT.
If you require separate addresses for invoice and delivery this can be stated on the invoice, but both the book and the invoice are sent to your delivery address, whereupon the customer himself has to forward the invoice. Customers from outside Sweden will be charged for postage. Customers from EU countries do not have to pay VAT if a VAT number is provided.
Companies, organisations and institutions, give information about organisational number or VAT number. Is You use e-invoice, also give information of reference-code for e-invoice.  
The cost for the book is 20 € or 200 Skr. If You order ten books or more, there is a reduced price with 20 %, that is 16 € or 160 Skr.

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