The Induction Research Group at The University of Gavle

(Forskargruppen Induction)

Professor Christina Gustafsson Ph.D. Åsa Morberg Ph.D. Göran Fransson P-Grad Stud. Ingrid Nordqvist P-Grad Stud. Monica Hallström

The Induction Research Group perform research, participate in developmental work and coordinate three networks focusing on newly qualified teachers, induction and related questions: one local network, one Swedish network and one North European network (NQTNE). The Induction Research Group also holds lectures and participates in the education of mentors.

The Induction Research Group do coordinate the Research Programme Aspects on newly qualified teachers´ professional development, financed by the Swedish Research Council and the Faculty of Teacher Training Programme (Lärarutbildningsnämnden) at the University of Gävle and coordinated by the induction research group at University of Gävle. Five of the six participants in the research programme are members of the Induction Research Group. The sixth participant is associate professor Ulla Lindgren, University of Umeå.

The research programme is composed of six thematic projects: how newly qualified upper secondary teachers produce authority; how newly qualified teachers are constructed from a gender-perspective; how teachers and other professions (military officers, nurses) make sense of work, learning and competence; the meaning of mentorship; recruitment of teachers for the higher education in connection to the demands of the work.

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