Research interests

Swedish Politics and Public Administration.

Prior research:


The research task started at the Swedish Institute for Building Research, but has essentially been dormant since 1994. The project deals with housing constructed in the Swedish municipalities during the period 1965-1974, Miljonprogrammet ("the million program"). The project studies the construction of new apartments from a municipal perspective and neoinstitutional theory. The analyzes show that the Miljonprogram contributed to a level equalizing of the municipal housing stock, especially regarding public apartments. The local factors studied: socio-economic environment, policy, demand, and tradition, turns out to be relevant for all studied periods 1960-1989. The variation seems to be particularly explanatory during the million-program years.

Project Democracy and the new labor law

Participation in research projects: Project Democracy and the new labor law, 1980-1989, led by professor Agne Gustafsson at Lund University and funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation.

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