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Accounting and Finance

Teaching material

Penttinen, M., Aarnio, J. & Uotila, E. 2001. Kustannuslaskenta yksityismetsätaloudessa — perusteet ja suositus. Abstract: Cost accounting in non-industrial private forestry (NIPF) — basics and recommendations. Finnish Forest Research Institute, Research Papers 798, 64 pp.

Penttinen, M. 2000. Timber harvesting with variable prices, costs and interest rates. Finnish Forest Research Institute, Research Papers 785, 38 pp.

Penttinen, M., Aarnio, J., Uotila, E. & Valkonen, J. 1995. Kustannuslaskenta yksityismetsätaloudessa [Cost accounting in non-industrial private forestry]. Work Efficiency Institute, Research Papers  2/1995(36). 55 pp. [In Finnish].

Kinnunen, M., Hakkarainen, J., Hyttinen, P., Penttinen, M. & Valkonen, J. 1993. Yksityismetsätalouden kannattavuusseuranta. Kirjanpito ja tunnuslukuanalyysi [Profitability control of non-industrial private forestry. Bookkeeping and ratio analysis], University of Joensuu, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Research Reports 3, 31 pp. + 5 app. [In Finnish]

Penttinen, M. 1992. Tulos- ja kustannuslaskentamallien soveltuvuus yhteismetsätalouteen. Summary: Applicability of profit and cost accounting models to jointly-owned forest. Folia Forestalia 799. 60 pp.

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