Lasse Ekstrand has published books on citizen wage, which inspired to the founding of The Popular Movement for Citizen wage in Sweden, in 1999. He has written a widespread book on the German artist Joseph Beuys — "Every man an artist", 1998/2001 — and was one behind a national network called VMEK, "Every man an artist".

Among the many books:

  • "PS. Søren & Marie Krøyer", 2004
  • "Social Art! When the factories cease", 2004
  • "The right to a basic income" (co-author), 2007
  • "Tombmirror", 2007, about Ulrike Meinhof
  • "Just have to kiss the sky", 2008, about Jimi Hendrix
    Aesthetics and Radical Politics (co-author), 2008
  • Entrepreneurship in The Name of Society (co-author), 2009
    "Kairo blues" (2010); Speedway (2011)

He is much engaged in the challenges of the possibility of a postindustrial, socially sculptured (Joseph Beuys expression) society — based on creative individuals, far from learned helplessness and imprisoning factory-mentality. Already in 1988 he published a plea for the unique individual in "The revolt of the soul. Man in organization", thought of as a minor classic among its readers. Still used as a course book in different universities and schools. He holds a position at the University of Gävle; teaches Management and Experience Economy. He has received pedagogical prices.

Lasse Ekstrand has been a guest professor at the Free University, Berlin and in the Academy of Art in Trondheim; a visiting professor at the Harvard Business School, the University of Potsdam, the University of Aalborg, SAA/Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale (School of Management) - Università degli Studi di Torino; Suez Canal University in Egypt, University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, among many other places. He has been invited by The Greens in the European Parliament to talk about the changing labour market. He cooperates in different projects with artists, dramaturges and choreographers. He describes himself as a "visionary and social artist".

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