Ernst Hollander

Ernst Hollander

Ph.D., Assistant Professor Emeritus

Faculty of Education and Business Studies
Department of Business and Economic Studies

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Researcher in sustainability and globalisation. I took my basic economics degree (civilekonom) from Stockholm School of Economics in 1971. In 1972-1973 I studied at Harvard U. in Cambridge, Mass. USA. From 1973 to 1985 I worked outside Academia. From about 1985 I returned to Academia where I worked with Research and teaching at the the Swedish Centre for Working Life and later on at the Department of Industrial Economics (Indec) at KTH. After my dissertation at Indec I have i.a. worked in Canada and from 1999 at University of Gävle.

Current research

My research deals with sustainability and globalisation.

Latest publications

Hollander, E. & Fregidou-Malama, M. (2017). The contemporary relevance of Karl Polanyi – a Swedish case. Theory and Method of Evolutionary Political Economy : A Cyprus Symposium. Abingdon: Routledge. S. 54-72. Link [More information]
Hollander, E. (2018). The relevance of a Polanyi-inspired analysis when interpreting socio-economic developments in the Nordics. . Link [More information]
Hollander, E. (2017). Conscious Use, Collaborative Research and 'Interdisciplinarities'. Consuming the Environment. Gävle. S. 29-30. Link [More information]
Hollander, E. (2016). Demand shaping and the quadruple challenge for industrial policy. EAEPE 2016 Proceedings. Link [More information]
Hollander, E. (2016). Emancipatory Reembedding. EAEPE 2016 Proceedings. Link [More information]
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