Magnus Mattsson

Ph.D., Lecturer
Ventilation and Air Quality
Centre for Built Environment


Växel: + 46 26 64 85 00
Direkt: + 46 26 64 81 34
Mobil: + 46 70 330 86 64


My research mainly concerns air quality, ventilation, indoor climate and building energy. The studies commonly involve the processes of spreading of gaseous and particulate contaminants, and finding efficient methods in improving the indoor air quality. The focus is often on human health, comfort and performance, but a a great interest also lies in the area of building energy and its connection with thermal comfort and building preservation.
The research is performed both in laboratory and in the field, and, when applicable, involves human subjects.

Aktuella forskningsprojekt

  • Local exhaust ventilation. Local extract of pollutants and effects of air turbulence.
  • Airborne pollen allergens - their size [distribution and transportation into indoor air [More in Swedish]
  • Energy saving and preservation in churches: ventilation, climate control and surface soiling [More in Swedish] - [More i English]
  • Ventilation for decreased particle and allergen exposure in classrooms [More in Swedish]

Senaste publikationerna

Hayati, A., Mattsson, M. & Sandberg, M. (2018). A wind tunnel study of wind-driven airing through open doors. The International Journal of Ventilation. 10.1080/14733315.2018.1435027 [Mer information]
Hayati, A., Mattsson, M. & Sandberg, M. (2017). Single-sided ventilation through external doors : measurements and model evaluation in five historical churches. Energy and Buildings, 141, 114-124. 10.1016/j.enbuild.2017.02.034 [Mer information]
Hayati, A., Akander, J. & Mattsson, M. (2019). Simulation of Ventilation Rates and Heat Losses during Airing in Large Single Zone Buildings in Cold Climates. Cold Climate HVAC 2018 : Sustainable Buildings in Cold Climates: Springer. Länk [Mer information]
Björling, M., Mattsson, M. & Akander, J. (2018). Infiltration of Air into two World Heritage Farmhouses in Sweden during Winter Conditions. Roomvent & Ventilation 2018 : Excellent Indoor Climate and High Performing Ventilation. Helsinki, Finland. S. 1079-1084. [Mer information]
Falk, A., Lindström, S., Mattsson, M. & Wright, S. (2018). Influence of some weather parameters on the susceptibility of apple fruit to postharvest grey mould attack. Proceedings 2018. S. 124-127. Länk [Mer information]
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