Teaching Experience

Bachelor Program in Business and Economics. Business Studies A, Marketing and Organization. Lectures for over 300 students and seminary management and mentorship for approximately 50 students. Ongoing developing of didactics and teaching methods within the team of teachers and administration of course examination.

Program in Urban and Regional Planning. On the introduction course I have both an administrative role as the head teacher and the role of lecturer and seminary leader for about 50 students. This is course is a collaboration with the teachers from three different departments.

Science Technology Studies Program. Lectures and seminars about innovation, agglomeration theory and methodology.

Political Geography. Lectures and seminars on Urban Planning and management, Regional Policies and the EU.

Economic Geography. Lectures and seminars about mapping the economy and theory of science.
Urban and Social Geography. Lectures and seminars about Urban Planning. Administration and execution of one week field trips to various cities in Sweden. 2007-2008

GIS analysis for Human Geography

Bachelor Program for Social Scientists. Lectures and seminar on methodology in social science.

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