Comfort and indoor environment consequences of requirement-adjusted ventilation for industrial premises

Project leader: Professor Bahram Moshfegh
For information, contact:  Dr Mathias Cehlin
Supported by: University of Gävle and KK-Foundation



The project introduces a new way of regarding the control of ventilation, applied to two manufacturing industries, Husqvarna AB and Söderhamn Eriksson Koncern AB. The purpose is to investigate the prospects to control ventilation flows according to the needs. Two control criteria are then of main interest, the one generally used nowadays: the temperature of the occupied zone and the air quality. When the need for cooling decreases, the airflow should decrease up to the limit where the air quality criterion takes over. This smaller amount of required air needs substantially less heating and yields then better energy economy.

For the investigation, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and experimental attempts as well as a questionnaire are used. New technological solutions for ventilation in industrial premises, presentation of the indoor climate in certain selected zones before and after measures, calculations regarding the rational use of energy, cost estimation, profitability assessment and volume of investment and pay-off-times will be presented. To assess the effectiveness of the new ventilation system, the effectiveness for heat removal ?et) and contaminant removal (ec) are used together with the predicted percentage of dissatisfied (PPD) for thermal comfort and the percentage of dissatisfied (PD) for air quality in order to define the Air Distribution Index (ADI). The governing document that gives instructions for future ventilation installations should be done in co-operation with Fresh AB. The project is a joint venture between Söderhamn Eriksson Koncern AB, Husqvarna AB, Fresh AB and the University of Gävle (HiG).

The outcome will be mediated continuously by seminars, internal reports, newsletters and articles. The dissemination of information will take place both within the companies and within and outside the country.

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