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In my research, I explore these determinants throughout the life-span (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and later life).

In childhood, I investigate child health and survival in developing countries because what happens to children in the early years is critical for the children´s developmental trajectory and life course. The research investigates the environments, which are involved in children´s development (from the family environment to the socioeconomic context shaped by governments, international agencies, and civil society.

Among adolescents, my research attempts to understand how different social and economic factors (e.g. social capital, ethnicity) impact on young people's health and well-being, health behaviours, and their social context. In adulthood, the research I carry out attempts to address differences in the distribution of cardiovascular disease across different population groups in developing countries (especially in middle-income countries where the epidemic is currently unfolding) within a complex myriad of factors (e.g. changing life styles, rapid urbanization and ever changing social and political contexts).

In regard to the relation between employment, working conditions and health my research tries to investigate macro and micro level pathways which can help explain how employment and working conditions affect health inequalities (especially health inequities). Also the research investigates how changes in the labour market and policies affect physical and psychological health outcomes among the economically active population of Gävle Municipality. Because violence and injury are a significant locus of inequality my research attempts to understand the mechanisms and pathways behind differences in child sexual abuse, suicide, interpersonal violence (including marginalized groups) and the social patterning of collective violence and intentional and non-intentional injuries.

Finally, I am interested in the relationship between demography (population change) and health. The main focus of my research in this area is the relation between the three components of population change (fertility, mortality, migration) and the social and economic determinants of population health globally (developed and developing countries).

Publicerad av: Lena Åminne Sidansvarig: Annika Strömberg Sidan uppdaterades: 2012-03-15
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