Research interest

My main research interests are “Social determinants of Population Health" and “Population Dynamics and Health". Social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions -- and their distribution among the population -- that influence individual and group differences in health status. They are risk factors found in one's living and working conditions (e.g. the distribution of education, income, wealth, influence, power). The distribution of social determinants is shaped by public policies that reflect the influence of prevailing political ideologies of those governing a jurisdiction.

In my research, I explore these determinants throughout the life-span: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and later life.

Research projects and collaborators

Principal Investigator

  • Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease in Iran. This project investigates the role of societal factors on outcomes in cardiovascular disease (in all of its forms) in Iran. (PhD student Hesamedine Abassi, MD).
  • Health and Health Behaviour among school children in Iran. The project investigates the determinants of health behaviour among school children (PhD Maryam Ramzamyan, BSc).
  • Sexual Child Abuse and Adolescent Behaviour in sub-Saharan Africa. The project assesses the impact of various social and economic determinants in child abuse and consequent behaviour in several sub-Saharan African Countries (PhD student Ismail Yahaya, MD).
  • Suicide Behaviour among adolescents in Bangladesh. The project investigates the prevalence and factors associated with suicide behaviour among rural adolescents in Bangladesh (PhD student Afroza Begun,MPH).
  • Poverty and Child Survival in Mozambique. The project investigates determinants of child survival (morbidity and mortality) as well as potential interventions (and policies) to improve child health (Student Jesper Hörnblad ,BSc Public Health).
  • Social Epidemiology of Interpersonal Violence. The project investigates the impact of social, economic, community and cultural factors on interpersonal violence as well as violence among marginalised groups in Sweden. (Student Rocio Winerjö Bsc Public Health).
  • GHOLDH (The Gävle Household, Labour Dynamics and Health Outcomes Survey). This project (based at and funded by the University of Gävle), is a longitudinal study that investigates the impact of labour market dynamics on physical and psychological health outcomes in Gävle Municipality (PhD candidate Anne —Sofie Hiswåls MPH; Emma Mortensson, BSc Public Health).



  • EU-PROMO Project: Best practices of Mental Health Care among 6 Marginalised groups (Homeless; sex workers, drug addicts, unemployed, Asylum seekers and refuges and Travellers (Roma) in 17 European countries (e.g. UK, Sweden, Belgium) Coordination UK partner. Together with Professor J Soares. EAHC
  • EU-ABUEL Project: Investigates abuse and neglect among the elderly (60-84 years of age) in 7 EU countries (e.g. Sweden, Germany, Portugal). Coordination Partner Sweden.. Together with Professor J Soares. EAHC
  • EU-DOVE —Project. Domestic Violence in 8 EU countries (Portugal, Sweden, Germany). Coordination Portugal partner. Together with Professors Örjan Sundin and J Soares. EAHC
  • EUGATE: Health of Immigrants in 14 European Countries: Coordination UK partner. Together with Professor J Soares. EAHC
  • Social Capital and Family Violence in Colombia: The project investigates the impact of social stratification and social capital on family violence in two regions of Colombia. (PhD student Diego Sarastri, MD. The project is carried out in collaboration with the University of Antioquia, Colombia.
  • Determinants of Traffic Injuries in Pakistan. The project investigates the epidemiology of various traffic injuries as well as factors associated with these injuries. In addition the project assesses best practices as well as interventions aimed to reduce the injury burden. (Researcher Navid Tahir, MPH). The project is carried out in Collaboration with Emergency Services Lahore, Pakistan.

For more details regarding ongoing research projects and collaborating  partners, see description of the SEPHV Research Group

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