Gloria Macassa

Licensed Medical Doctor; Professor of Public Health Sciences and Epidemiology

Associate Professor in Public Health Sciences (MIUN); Associate Professor in Social Medicine (KI)   

Telephone: +46 (0)26 64 82 28

Current Research

Labour Market and Occupational Health Inequalities (GHOLDH; EXUN, ESPHE)

Ongoing studies address the impact of employment conditions, precarious employment and unemployment on inequalities/inequities in Gävleborg County and Gävle Municipality in Sweden and Municipality of Porto in Portugal. (Collaborators: Anne-Sofie Hiswåls, Prof Henrique Barros, Carina Rodrigues, Emelie Mälstam, Anders Wallander, Rocio Winersjö). Principal investigator: Gloria Macassa

Social Capital and Population Health (HSCI, SOCAELD, ESCHE)

Research in this area include studies of social capital and health among school children in developing countries as well as studies of workplace social capital and its relation with mental health outcomes in developed countries as well as the relation between social capital and elderly health in North Sweden. (Collaborators: Dr Ranzamean, Dr Hamid Kankeh; Anne-Sofie Hiswåls, Sven Svenson, Stefan Sjöberg, Åsa, Linda Karlsson; Theresa ). Principal investigators: Gloria Macassa (international studies); Gloria Macassa and Sven Svensson (Sweden)

Social Sustainability and Health in Developing Countries (SOSUSTHM)

the research aims to investigate the relationship between corporate social sustainability and stakeholders health in context of poverty reduction and health promotion. In the first phase, data collection is taking place across fifteen large companies in Mozambique. The project is carried out in collaboration with researchers from Eduardo Mondlane University and the National directorate, Ministry of work affairs. (Collaborators: Prof Jose da Cruz, Prof Elsa M Salvador and Prof Mateus Matusse). Principal investigator: Gloria Macassa


Recent Publications

Macassa, G. (2019). Responsible leadership Styles and Promotion of Stakeholders Health. South Eastern European Journal of Public Health, 11. 10.4119/UNIBI/SEEJPH-2019-209 [Mer information]
Abbasi, S., Sundin, Ö., Jalali, A., Soares, J. & Macassa, G. (2018). Ethnic Differences in the Risk Factors and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease: a Patient-Based Study in Iran. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 5 (3), 623-631. 10.1007/s40615-017-0408-3 [Mer information]
Chaquisse, E., Fraga, S., Meireles, P., Macassa, G., Soares, J., Nbofana, F. & Barros, H. (2018). Sexual and physical intimate partner violence among women using antenatal care in Nampula, Mozambique. Journal of Public Health in Africa, 9 (1). 10.4081/jphia.2018.744 [Mer information]
Ahmadi, E., Macassa, G. & Larsson, J. (2018). Managers’ working hours and time allocation in effective SMEs – an organizational health perspective. FALF KONFERENS 2018 Arbetet – problem eller potential för en hållbar livsmiljö?   10-12 juni 2018 Gävle : Program och abstracts. Gävle: Gävle University Press. S. 118-. Länk [Mer information]
Macassa, G. (2018). Can Geographic Information Systems Help us to Better Understand Inequalities in Health Outcomes in the Era of Sustainable Development?. Gävle: Gävle. 11 s. (Working paper 58) Länk [Mer information]
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