PhD studies

In order to solve current and future societal challenges, we need creativity, the ability to think in new ways and deep knowledge. Do you want to contribute? Then PhD studies could be something for you. Below you can read about the PhD-education offered at the University of Gävle and how you apply for an available doctoral position.

The University of Gävle carries out research to foster a sustainable human living environment. The research is concentrated to four strategic research areas; Sustainable city development, Health-promoting work, Intelligent industry and Innovative learning.

During your PhD studies, you will conduct independent research projects. You will get the tools to solve research problems with the right choice of methods, and you will practice your ability to think critically, constructively and analytically. You will also be able to practice your ability to transfer knowledge in a pedagogical manner to others.

The aim is that you will become an independent researcher ready to take on complex tasks within trade and industry, the public sector as well as at universities. As a PhD student, you are an important part of our research environment and a significant representative of the University of Gävle.

PhD study subject areas at the University of Gävle

At the University of Gävle you can study at PhD level within two examination right areas, Built Environment and Health-Promoting Working Life.

Within these areas there are nine third-cycle subjects:

  • Occupational Health Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Energy Systems
  • Geospatial Information Sciences
  • Industrial Economics
  • Indoor Environment
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Caring Science

Four years of studies

The PhD education consists of 240 ETCS which corresponds to four years full-time studies and ends with a doctoral degree. It is possible to graduate with a licentiate degree after two years of studies. It is common to be offered departmental service such as teaching first- or second-cycle students or administrative tasks up to 20 percent, that prolongs the study time with up to one year.

The education is planned and performed in close collaboration with your supervisors. Most of the time you work in research projects that result in a thesis. You also take third- cycle courses. These are regulated by the general syllabus for the third-cycle programs.

How do I apply for a PhD position?

Available positions are announced

Available PhD positions are announced at the University’s page with available jobs. The link is only available in Swedish. Positions can be announced throughout the year.

Available jobs


In order to be able to apply for a PhD position, you need to fulfil the eligibility requirements: you must have acquired 240 ETCS from past education comprising at least 60 ETCS of studies at the advanced level. Depending on the research area of your PhD studies, other qualifications might also be required. The different requirements are regulated in the admission regulations at the University of Gävle and in the general syllabus for third-cycle programs.

The admission process

Applications are handled by each faculty respectively. The selection criteria are regulated in the specific third-cycle general syllabus.

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