Educational Acquisition of Qualifications

Teaching Portfolio at HiG

In 2007, the education council has developed guidelines for educational acquisition of qualifications for the teachers of the higher education institution. A folder "To write a teaching portfolio - to stimulate educational development and to document teaching competence" is compiled. This is distributed to the whole staff at HiG.


What is a teaching portfolio?

A teaching portfolio is a tool to systematically collect and describe the educational qualifications and teaching skills. The portfolio does not only state the person's educational philosophy and education and the number of different courses the person has been responsible for or taught, but the focus of the teaching portfolio is rather on how this philosophy and education appear in the teaching. It also is important to describe teachers' educational development based on the knowledge and experiences acquired over time, and how to work to stimulate students' learning.

Why a teaching portfolio?

The teaching portfolio is intended for the teachers of the higher education institution and may be used as a tool to stimulate educational development and to document teaching skills. Educational development can be, for example, participation in educational projects, revision of courses and cooperation with colleagues. The idea is also that the portfolio could be used in employment, promotion or in connection with assessment within the framework of different educational qualification systems, for example (a system with) an educational career ladder. The portfolio may then function as a basis for assessment of, for example, application for promotion. The portfolio thus constitutes both a tool for the teacher to highlight and stimulate the own educational development and a basis for others to assess it.


Order or download the folder

You can choose if you want to order the folder by contacting Sara Dahlström,, or download as a pdf-file. How to write a teaching portfolio    (pdf, 400 kB)
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