Study programme in Health Education 180 credits

A proper feel-good education

Imagine having a profession which makes people feel good. It is difficult to imagine a more enjoyable and appealing purpose than that.

Healthy living

As a health educationalist you will work with guiding, motivating and stimulating people to live a more healthy life. It is also important to take note of the environmental factors that affect health and contribute to creating a healthy society. The main areas of the education are the science of education pedagogics and public health sciences. After having chosen the theme of the programme you can specialize within lifestyle, physical activity, eating habits, physical performance abilities or health promoting leadership.

From the problems of developed countries to aid projects

With their diverse skills, health educationalists can work with strategic health work within municipalities, county councils and central, regional and local government. You can also contribute to well-being within companies and schools or use your knowledge for international aid work.
If you want to further your education with studies at a higher level you are eligible to apply for a one or two year Master's programme within the health sciences area.

Further reading about the programme

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Application *

*) The online application at opens no later than one month before application deadline.

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