Study programme in Social Work, Specialisation International Social Work 210 cr

International social work as an academic and professional field has been developing rapidly in recent years. Increasingly social workers have become engaged in activities related to developing social policy, social care and social protection for vulnerable groups worldwide, especially in countries in transition from plan economy to market economy. Social workers are also being recruited by international organizations.

About the studies

The BSc programme in social work with specialisation international social work is directed to both Swedish and foreign students. The programme consists of seven semesters fulltime studies and gives 210 higher education credits, (HECs). Semesters 1-6 are first level education while semester 7 is advanced level. Since the programme constitutes a professional training, the courses build one upon the other. All courses in the program will be held on the campus of the University of Gävle and are given in English.

The first and second semesters offer insight into the profession and the entire subject field at individual, group and societal level. Methodo­logical, theoretical and legislative aspects of social work are discussed from both national and international perspectives. The third and forth semesters cover the fundamental concepts and issues of scientific theory which are then applied in an independent scientific study building foremost on empirical material collected during field studies within the social area in focus. Also examined is the social work field of activities from social, cultural, psychological and judicial aspects. The fifth semester covers further studies in theory of science and epistemology along with research methods. Methodological proficiency, critical thinking and the compilation of scientific knowledge are trained through the production of a paper by the student based on research within a central area of social work. The sixth semester comprises 30 higher education credits and takes place in a social work context in another country, where the theoretical knowledge previously gained is to be applied in professional social work practice. The seventh semester consists of advanced level elective courses in international social work.

The BSc Social Work Programme with specialisation in international social work builds on the idea of learning as a process taking place in the interaction between teachers and students. All instruction builds on the premise that you take personal responsibility for your own studies and for the active pursuit of knowledge. Learning means that the theoretical and practical sub-sections of the course become in each individual integrated into applicable knowledge and functional skills, and that the you achieves the personal development that is necessary in your future professional role.

After the studies

As a professional social worker you can work at individual, group and societal level.


  • Degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work

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Requirements for admission to the programme are the basic university entrance requirements along with the following special requirements (upper secondary level) - mathematics course B (Ma B) - social studies course B (Sh A) with a grade of at least Pass in each of the above.




Application *

*) The online application at opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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