Study Programme in Environmental Engineering, Co-op, 180 cr

New innovative solutions for water, sewage and waste

Clean water, in the glass and in the lake, is a matter of course for us living in a country such as Sweden. For the water purification to work, maintenance, modernization and development is necessary in order to meet increased demands on things such as energy efficiency.

Water is our most important provision

Planning for water and sewage is increasingly important, it has to be conducted concurrently with the development of society. If we are innovative we will see the entire cycle - and understand that the water we use today will be used by future generations.  

Environmental engineering take care of the waste

As we humans become increasingly competent at recycling our waste, we must also become better at taking care of the waste in an efficient manner. By studying the Study Programme in Environmental Engineering you will gain knowledge, which is a directly determining factor for what our society is striving for and dependent on - sustainable development. You will study subjects such as water and waste water technology, waste management, environmental management, energy systems and environmental assessment - which technology is available, how the cycle works and what financial factors play a part.

Combine the studies with periods of paid work

The programme can be studied as a traditional Bachelor's programme. It can also be studied with Cooperative Education (Co-op), which means that you combine the studies with periods of paid work at companies. The University of Gävle collaborates with a number of leading companies with the environmental engineering area, many of which have also participated in designing the programme.

Further your education in maths

After graduation you could work with water purification, waste management or environmental assessment for the municipality or as an environmental consultant within the private sector. If you wish, you could further your studies in maths for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering  or continue studying on Master levels.

Välj Co-op och kom närmare verkligheten

För att bli extra attraktiv på arbetsmarknaden kan du läsa utbildningen som en Co-op-utbildning. Du får då arbetslivserfarenhet genom att kombinera studier med arbete under betalda arbetsperioder på ett företag. Närmare verkligheten än så kommer du inte på en högskola!

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