Study Programme in Computer Science and Geographical Information Technology, 180 cr

Apply your knowledge to the benefit of society

The Study Programme in Computer Science and Geographical Information Technology is a new exciting programme which combines information technology with GIS. There is currently a great demand for individuals with skills to create applications for mobile phones etc.

Applications leading the way

The main emphasis is within IT with a focus on GIS and application development. The courses of the programme provides knowledge within modelling of business processes, design of software solutions, development of different applications within geographical information and integration between different systems etc. Knowledge within visualization, graphics and decision making, which are of great use in society, are important features of the education.

Per Carlsson, ESRI

- Geographical information systems (GIS) in connection to our increased used of Smart Phones is becoming increasingly important. The economic growth is predicted to be very good with a high level of technological innovation, new areas of application and new services.

       - The labour market within the many areas of application which are already benefiting from GIS is generally very good. An education such as the one at the University of Gävle with a combination of a solid education in IT along with knowledge of the possibilities of GIS is, in my opinion, a very good background for future employees.

       Per Carlsson COO within S-Group

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*) The online application at opens no later than one month before application deadline.

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