Professional Writing Programme, 180 HE credits

Find your place as a professional writer

Really good writers are few and far between. To this end we are starting an entirely new programme. Specializing in writing.

We call it the Programme for Professional Writing - to specifically emphasize the goal of the programme. We want you as a student to seize all the practical and theoretical skills needed in order to find your place as a writer in a rapidly changing media world.

Four different genres

The road towards the goal takes you through courses that will provide you with writing skills within four different genres: journalistic, fictional, commercial (copywriting) and scientific writing.

In parallel to this you will study theoretical competence within the main area the Swedish language - and leave the university with a Bachelor of Arts.

Freelance or permanent assignments

You can then start working for different firms within the publishing field, for example, advertising/PR agencies, newspapers and magazines, information departments and publishing houses. Moreover, new types of assignments constantly arise in the digitalized public domain.

It is often via freelance assignments that writers' more permanent assignments or offers of employment evolve. Many fiction writers are also self-employed. That is why we intend to, within the framework of the training, arrange theme days which focus on self-employment within the culture, information and media business.

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*) The online application at opens no later than one month before application deadline.

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